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What Is Reiki and What Are its Benefits?

Reiki healing originates from Japan and works on transferring and unblocking energy in parts of the body, and moving this energy to other areas in order to promote healing.
In a Reiki healing session, your therapist will only lightly touch the body, if at all, and use their hands to send your energy to areas that require healing by slowly moving them above the body.

The techniques used in a Reiki healing session work to calm the mind and body, heal emotional and physical pain, and increase the workings of the immune system, all whilst gaining Universal Life Energy.

What can I expect from the Reiki session?

By moving the hands on or above the body, Reiki healing helps you become at peace with your mind and body, whilst sending healing energy to the areas of your body that require it, whether your problems are physical, mental, or both.
From your Reiki session, you can expect to be lying down on a massage bed, fully clothed and usually face-up. Depending on your needs, the therapist will work either on the areas that you require a little extra help with, or will use Reiki to cover the entire body.

What are the side effects of Reiki healing?

Reiki doesn’t have any long-lasting or permanent side effects; side effects that you may experience will come from where the Reiki has been performed. Reiki allows the body to detoxify and releases toxins into your bloodstream. Your body may try to rid itself of these toxins a lot quicker than it has before, resulting in side effects such as fatigue, stomach-upset and dizziness.

Best Spas For Reiki

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Looking to de-stress, increase your fitness, seek spiritual tranquillity, address a specific health concern, get motivated to lose weight
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Know Before You Go

Reiki is performed with the client fully-clothed and the sessions usually last around an hour. Due to the length of time lying down, and the extreme relaxation that you’ll experience, it’s important, at the end of your session, to get up and move around slowly. In the hours and days that follow, like with any massage, keep to a healthy diet and drink lots of water.

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Your guide to typical Reiki prices, to help you decide which denomination of gift voucher to buy.

(average prices)

  • 30 min Reiki treatment £25
  • 60 min Reiki treatment £50
  • Angel Reiki treatment £50

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